Comic Thoughts: HARLEY QUINN #4

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Alrighty, so I was a little late in reading this one, which is too bad. On the bright side, I don't have the usual wait for issue #5, which I'll get to soon, here.

Spoilers ahead!

So, this issue we got to see some more of Harley's incredible "feels syndrome" (that's what I'm going to call it), and she goes on a rampage in the name of a little old lady who says her family doesn't go visit her as often as they should. Except, as she finds out the hard way, she was wrong. It was a mistake, and it was interesting to see how she'd handle it. Now I know: she rolls with the punches and follows her convictions, and sweats it later.

What made me happiest while reading this issue though was that one scene where Harley's in a diner and everything plays out exactly like a scene from Star Wars. And just in case the dialogue's homage weren't enough, the R2D2-inspired cup and the poster on the wall were just icing on that cake. Let it be known: Harley struck first.

Really, though, I'm still having fun reading this and I hope the series continues to keep the energy high. I'm kind of dubious about where things are headed now with this bionic dude - she agreed to help him a little too quickly, but then again, that's so Harley. I just don't want things to get too complicated, especially since so many thugs are after her. I guess we'll see? I'm trying not to jump to conclusions, anyway.