8 rad covers of FROZEN's Let It Go

MusicKristina PinoComment

I like good covers, and so should you. Check out some of my picks for great covers of Let It Go from Disney's latest animated film Frozen.

Let It Go performed on ukulele by Sungha Jung.

The Piano Guys, as usual, deliver some of the best music I hear on the net these days. They fused their cover of Let It Go with Vivaldi's Winter. (audio: cello, piano, vocals)

This one is kind of cheating, since it's a Frozen medley rather than strictly a cover of Let It Go, but I couldn't not share it. I absolutely love what these two (Albert and Tiffany Chang) did - their communication and depth and everything in this video.

This cover of Let It Go is re-imagined with an "Africanized" sound by Alex Boyé and features the One Voice Children's Choir and a very talented Lexi Walker as the voice of Elsa.

This one's purely a matter of taste, but anyway, I tend to enjoy punk covers. In this case, it takes away the drama, but adds loads of fun. It's a fun video to watch, too, and I hope at least some of you like it.

Just to round out the sped-up rock covers, here's a metal one that I think contained the drama of the original a bit better while still doing something new to the song. I like covers that build a bit on the original rather than just straight up copying it, and there's a nice balance of that here. Plus, he's got a Batman tee on.

Finally, I'll finish out this list with a lovely a capella cover by Ai Ninomiya (in English despite the artist being Japanese), which also features a "kitchen orchestra."  Never underestimate the musical usefulness of the everyday objects around your home!

Do you have any song requests for future iterations of this column? Let me know, and I'll try and make it happen.