Link Bits: Red Lobster is only worth going to for the biscuits

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[Rainy evening]

(via BookRiot) Ampersand cookie cutter that I pretty much need. Neeeeeeed.

The only thing I care for at Red Lobster is their biscuits. So why go there? Just make them at home.

(above: Rosanna Pansino makes some Muppet cookies with Swedish Chef and Miss Piggy)

(via FashionablyGeek) Adorable Spider-Man leggings available from Wet Seal. I'm only slightly apprehensive because the last time I brought leggings from them, they didn't last long. Maybe their quality has improved since then?

New Disney Kingdoms comic series by Marvel and Disney featuring Figment: confirmed! More info about its creators and what's going into it by Marvel. The book is called Figment and issue #1 will debut on June 4th.