Link Bits: 'Beautiful Death' is a lovely recap of long gone GAME OF THRONES characters

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[Sorry it's been a little quiet this week! Things have been hectic at work, and actually, going forward until April 6thish, things might continue to be quiet here since I'm going to be on vacation. Nothing's really planned yet, so we'll see.]

Another Cars movie could be fun, but what I'm really excited about re: recent news from

Disney is making a sequel to The Incredibles. It's such a perfect movie about super heroes and I'm happy we'll be able to see more.

(via Nerdist) HBO + Robert M. Ball = "Beautiful Death" posters depicting character culls in Game of Thrones.

First Second is publishing a new graphic novel by Nick Bertozzi in August called Shackleton, about "Ernest Shackleton's expedition to the Antarctic" 100 years ago.

New titles from VIZ Media in March (available now unless a date is noted; excludes continuing series like Blue Exorcist, One Piece , and the like):

  • Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma vol. 1 (digital now, print in August). If you're into food and school life sort of manga, this might be your cuppa.
  • Phantom Thief Jeanne (I've mentioned this one previously, so this is a reminder that it's out!)
  • Tail of the Moon Prequel: The Other Hanzo(u) (March 25th)
  • Chibi Vampire vol. 1 (March 25th, digital only; older title being made available again)
  • D.N. Angel vol. 1 (March 25th, digital only; older title being made available again)

Blurb for Tail of the Moon:

"A romantic ninja adventure! Kaguya doesn't remember who she is or why she has a huge scar on her back. Six months ago, she was found injured and unconscious in a field of bamboo. Now she works as a housekeeper and babysitter at a brothel, living her new life simply as '"Kaguya."' Kaguya's real identity is entwined with two men--Hanzou, a handsome bodyguard of Okazaki Castle, and Hanzo, a leader of the ninja village of Iga. Between amnesia and mistaken identity, no one knows for sure what kind of person Kaguya is. Only her distinctive scar will lead her to the truth..."

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