Friday Things: Spring Break Edition - books and beer are a match made in heaven

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[I'm still alive! Things will return to normal next week - promise~]

On Disney:

The Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson is ending! The 7th and final book will be released this week, and yeah, I really need to jump back into these books now.

Cool video featuring Disney Legend Rolly Crump, who talks a bit about the making of It's A Small World.

On Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones Blind Box Vinyl Figures

Click on the image above to be taken to ThinkGeek's listing of these absolutely adorable Game of Thrones blind box figures!

Speaking of Game of Thrones: need a recap of seasons one through three? This video is a pretty good one and covers all the main points in under 10 minutes.

On fashion: 

(via BoingBoing) awesome nail design idea - burned book pages. Here's the tutorial.

Nice find by Fashionably Geek: literary brooches made with pages from classic books. See them at Etsy.


Now here's a Twitter trend I can get behind - cut out pictures of things you like from magazines and take pictures of them in your hand, as if they were the real thing, but shrunken.

Books and beer under the same roof? I'm down.

Another classically awesome Wil Wheaton response about being a nerd (why it's awesome, and why you shouldn't feel bad when other people pick on you, and other things).

(via GeeksAreSexy) blown away by the Star Wars Symphonic Suite played on a Wurlitzer theater pipe organ.

I wrote a thing: The Best Literary Characters to Decimate a Zombie Horde.

I didn't know until now that anyone can just go to a Japanese university and eat lunch in their cafeteria. Very cool tidbit.

[I'll have a bunch of book reviews coming up on the site soon, here. Keep ya eyes peeled!]