Friday Things: 03/17 - Gaston needs to cut on those calories

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[Another Monday edition, and on St. Patty's, no less! I didn't really celebrate in Japan, unless drinking a beer and having a slice of pizza on the side with dinner counts, but I hope you all have a fine day/night!]

On Disney:

If you're on Facebook and you like the Muppets, check out Amy Mebberson's totally free sticker pack, which you can download in a chat window to spice up your PMs.

Funny little thing that Oh My Disney published about how many calories Gaston must eat in a day.

In case you're as much of a Disney nerd as I am and are looking forward to the Dwarfs mine train ride coming to Fantasyland, here's a video released by Disney Parks comparing onboard footage and the early CG sim.

I love Taylor Davis' work so much.

On Books:

(via FashionablyGeek) Starting April 4th, you'll be able to get your mitts on some Game of Thrones -themed rings and necklaces, made by Pyrrha in collaboration with HBO. They'll be for sale at HBO's online shop if you want to fork out the dough.

(via BoingBoing) Book spine masking tape. Seriously.

VIZ Media have announced a fall release for their Perfect Square imprint that I'm already drooling over, titled Hello Kitty, Hello 40: A Celebration in 40 Stories. It's a hardcover book that celebrates her 40 years through art, comics, toys, and more. If it's anything like their other Hello Kitty book releases the past several months, I know this is going to be absolutely fantastic. Speaking of Kitty, April 1st marks the release of the third volume in her graphic novel series, so look out for a review here shortly after.

The state of children's books by and/or about people of color published in the US is worse than we thought.

Now that I've gotten into reading audiobooks, little studies about info retention and the like have been on my radar . I have, indeed, found that the more hours I clock in listening to audiobooks, the easier time I have focusing on their content.


More exciting details about the Wizarding World expansion planned for Universal Studios Orlando.