Elementary School Lunch: 03/19 - bittersweet endings

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today marks the last school lunch of the school year! Tomorrow and Monday I'll share what our bentou lunches are, but then that'll be it until school is back in session in April. It's bittersweet... while I'm glad to get a break for a few weeks, I'm sad because it means my 6th graders are going away to junior high school. But that's life, right? I won't cry....much.

Today's lunch was temaki-zushi, which we've seen before a couple times. It's make-your-own sushi hand rolls, and we were supplied with rice, seaweed paper, omelet, cucumber, salmon, and sausage to stuff them with. We also got some plum sauce for flavor, a miso soup on the side, and a strawberry-flavored mousse dessert. It was a veritable feast.

The soup had potato, carrot, onion, tofu (and fried tofu), and bits of pork.

Calorie count: 679