Elementary School Lunch: 03/18 - rice balls

Kristina PinoComment

Today marks the first time in the entire school year that rather than eating rice from a bentou box, we had it in the form of onigiri, or rice balls. There were two kinds - one with salmon, and another with plum, and everyone got one of each from third through sixth grade as well as the staff room. First and second graders got just one rice ball.

Besides that, we had some meatballs, Chinese-style corn soup with egg, and a Chinese-style salad. The soup had egg and corn, of course, along with bamboo, onion, carrots, parsley, bits of chicken, and tofu. The salad was pretty plain - crunchy radish with spinach, seasoned in the kitchen. Overall tasty, but most of us were pretty stuffed after eating both rice balls. Most of us ladies in the staff room don't finish our rice on a regular day, and the onigiri were deceptively palm-sized. Everyone stuffed their faces and ended up overfull. Whoops.

Calorie count: 679