Elementary School Lunch: 03/14 - White Day

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

March 14th was both Pi Day and White Day. In Japan, White Day is a month past February, when boys or men who are given Valentine's Day chocolate by their lady pals get to return the favor. Though a few of my co-workers brought some chocolates and other snacks to share with everyone, it was an otherwise normal Friday.

Lunch was some mackerel with salad, rice, and a bowl of boiled veggies and pork. The mackerel was grilled and the salad was the usual cabbage, carrot, and spinach seasoned in the kitchen. The bowl had pork, radish, onion, konjac, and pea pods. It didn't have any broth or sauce or anything, though it was probably boiled in dashi. Either way, very tasty.

Calorie count: 622