Elementary School Lunch: 03/13 - Oklahoma Mixer

Japan, FoodKristina PinoComment

Today, a Cuban did some square dancing in Japan.

The events that led up to it were pretty simple. During the afternoon, the graduating 6th graders were holding an event to honor and thank their parents for their support through this stage of their lives. One of the things planned for this event was for all the kids to do the Oklahoma Mixer (which is, apparently, popular in Japan) in circles together with their parents. As you could imagine, not every parent was able to make this event, held on a Thursday afternoon. Not many, but nonetheless, a few kids were without. That's where I, and a few other odd coworkers (the librarian, and a study support teacher, along with the vice principal and the music teacher) came in - as stand-ins for the missing guardians so no kids were left out of the dance. And thus, a Cuban in Japan got to square dance.

It was fun!

Lunch today was kitsune udon (which is just a fancy name for udon that comes from Osaka), with a side of potatoes and beans with some tiny fishes mixed in, and yogurt for dessert. Things I found in the udon: fried tofu, bits of pork, naruto, spinach, onions, and two types of mushroom. The salad was called "sweet and spicy," but I'm not sure where the spiciness was supposed to come from. I guess the fish? It did have a kick. But it wasn't seasoned in chili powder or anything like that.

Anywho, udon is always a safe crowd-pleaser. Overall, good day.

Calorie count: 642