Elementary School Lunch: 03/12 - demi-glace

Food, JapanKristina Pino1 Comment

I had thought today was Thursday. It certainly felt like a Thursday. I do a lunch announcement at school each day to talk about what we're eating in English so the kiddos can listen and see what they can catch, based on the fact that by the time I'm broadcasting, they've got their food in front of them and know what's in it. It's been fun so far, but today, I opened with "Happy Thursday!" only to realize like an hour and a half later that it wasn't. Oops.

Today's main dish was some hamburg steak with demi-glace sauce. It also had some cooked onions mixed in, and was served with a "Spring salad." The salad had cabbage, corn, carrots, and spinach. We also got some rice, and a wakame miso soup, which was basically like the miso soups served at US-based Japanese restaurants everywhere, but with like 1000% more seaweed, and mushrooms with the odd potato or onion instead of tofu.

Calorie count: 696