Elementary School Lunch: 03/03 - flowers in our lunch

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

There's nothing quite like eating sprigs and leaves and flowers to really hark the coming of Spring.

Today's main dish was scattered sushi, or chirashi-zushi, which was set up like a rice bowl and had all the toppings and ingredients mixed in rather than lying on top of bits of sushi rice. The bowl had some egg, lotus root, calabash, bamboo, podded peas, and carrots. There was also a little packet of shredded seaweed paper as a topping for the rice bowl. This was a new dish for me, and I quite liked it. Actually, almost everything about today's lunch was new for me.

The salad dish on the side had some fried smelt, which I passed on as usual with the deep-fried fish, and salad which contained the usual cabbage and onions, but mixed with some canola flower. The whole thing was seasoned in the kitchen, and the flowers tasted bitter. Not super bitter, like goya, but enough to surprise me. It was overall tasty though, and our dessert of cherry blossom rice cake (sakura mochi) was a fantastic end for that lunch.

This was definitely an example of a meal where everything really complemented each other.

Calorie count: 610