Link Bits: Little Golden Manga ATTACK ON TITAN

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[Not sure if I'll keep doing these every single day... but I haven't run out of links yet...]

An outlook of upcoming graphic novel releases by UDON Entertainment includes a bunch of Street Fighter series goodness.

Attack on Titan, and other Little Golden Manga covers created by Matt Reedy.

(via Geekologie) Absolutely fab group of female cosplayers dressed as male characters from

The Hobbit.

"When looking at these murals by Brisbane artist Fintan Magee they seem almost impossible to contain." I couldn't have said it better myself.

PhotoJojo has a tutorial up on how to make a tiny little pocket-sized portfolio. Lots of personality versus just loading up your work on your iPad. Don't get me wrong - I'm not hatin' on iPad portfolios. But I'm liking this other idea.

[See ya next time!]

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