Friday Things: 02/28 - A paragraph of THE WINDS OF WINTER, and knowing your supers by their underwear

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[Ohhhhh a Friday Things link dump that's actually on time! I'm inundated with links to things I want to share with you all, so I made this early. Enjoy!]

On Books:

Check out the finalists for the 2014 Audie Awards. I'll admit, I spent a little too long clicking through the samples. The ones for Matilda and William Shakespeare's Star Wars are most entertaining!

Game of Thrones pop-up book that converts to a 3D map of Westeros. Delightful!

(via GalleyCat) This cool Kickstarter is for pet owners who love to travel but hate to leave Fido behind. The Kickstarter will be accepting funds until April 8th.


Read an excerpt from Cameron Diaz'sThe Body Book. It made me smile, big and wide.

Read an excerpt from George R.R. Martin's  The Winds of Winter.

Read an excerpt from Chuck Wendig's book  The Commorant, on the subject of "the friend zone." (warning: language)


Cute post from Oh My Disney: "Disney Moments and Their Real Life Counterparts."

Guillermo del Toro's Day of the Dead take on Romeo & Juliet looks amazing. Have some concept art.

Heroes and villains by the underwear.

Things adults say to their kids make for hilarious graphics.

"The Ultimate Pop Culture ABCs" by Jeff Victor suspiciously lacks references to Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz (and perhaps even Sherlock Holmes), but is a cool collection nonetheless. Pop culture can't really be contained in 26 references, anyhow.

[Lookin' good for now. Keep an eye out for smaller link dumps throughout the week, though I'll keep doing bigger ones on the weekend]

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