Friday Things: 02/23 - sizing up Marvel characters, magical rings, and Star Wars on the runway

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[Top off your weekend with some links! Yeah! Actually, this could have been way longer, but I've decided to keep doing Link Bits to keep this column under control. I'll be spacing more throughout the week, so please check back again!]

On Film:

Here's a look at the events of all the Stars Wars films in a 30-foot long tapestry.

Beetlejuice 2.... might happen. I have mixed feelings about this!

"Our Favorite Book Film Soundtracks" by Magali Roman over at Quirk Books. Agreed? Disagree?



On Books and Comics:

This is the very best article I've ever read regarding the topic of "what you should read."

A handy guide to magical rings from comics and literature, such as The One Ring and Green Lantern's Power Ring.

An interesting study was conducted measuring various Marvel characters' BMI and comparing them between men and women.

Oyster has expanded! It now includes books for young readers, including Disney-published titles. 

Archie and Betty are starring in their very own YA novels, being released this year.




California is considering putting warning labels on soda warning of obesity and other illnesses the way there are warning labels on cigarette boxes.

Seeing nerdy fashion on the runway is always exciting. Have some Star Wars dresses.

(via TOR) Delightful art by Craig Davidson depicting children pretending to be Star Wars and Wizard of Oz characters.

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