Friday Things: 02/16 - quickie edition

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[In a continuation of "Kristina is behind on everything," here's a catch-up edition of Friday Things - now with bonus links and shorter descriptions.]

On Tattoos:

Best tattoo: world map, fill in as you explore.

Awesome, subtle Disney tattoos.



On Books and Comics:

Neil Gaiman: Green Eggs and Ham reading.

Remember Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird? Listen to Rolly Crump talk a bit about it. And other stuff.

Jennifer Lawrence comic book?

Best baby pictures: babies as literary characters.

Young teen earned a book deal through sheer determination.

Ms Marvel #1 is getting a reprint! I really need to read this.



On Movies and TV:

American Gods for TV is still happening. Rejoice!

Fun facts about Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Curious about who owns what Marvel characters? Here's a handy visual guide.




Nerd food: Rubiks Cube brownies.

The alphabet for nerds.

Awesome Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired DIY home decor!

Awesome Legend of Zelda rock covers. Not that kind of rock.

[Have a great week!]