Elementary School Lunch: 02/27 - best sesame balls

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Another crowded lunch! And today's lunch was a first for this school year, I think.

The main plate today was tonkotsu ramen, which looks a little milkier than you'd expect because of the way the broth is made. In the soup, we had some boiled quail eggs, onions, carrots, naruto (minced fish meat made into ornate little medallions), "cloud ear fungus," seaweed, bits of chicken, bamboo, and garlic chives. As usual, the noodles were bagged on the side so we can add to the soup as desired.

The salad plate had our usual boiled cabbage, spinach, and some crunchy bean sprouts seasoned in the kitchen and topped with sesame seeds. The two balls on the side were for dessert: mochi with anko (red bean paste) filling and sesame seeds on the outside, which my principal told me is Chinese style. All that means that our trays were international, since namul (the type of salad we had, which incorporates seasonal veggies) is Korean.

Calorie count: 650