Elementary School Lunch: 02/24 - viking lunch

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Our sixth graders, who are graduating in a few weeks and then moving on to middle school, have been throwing special lunch parties for all the staff. In Japan, a "viking" lunch is basically a buffet-style, all-you-can-eat type deal, which was how these lunches with the prospective graduates were set up. We each started with a regular tray of food, but there was a bunch of other stuff on some side tables, including dessert.

Today's regular lunch was spaghetti napolitan, tuna salad, and pudding for dessert. We got the pasta and salad, but also some chicken kara-age, french fries, chestnut bread, croissants, fried shrimp, mini om-rice (omelet balls with rice inside, seen above on the plate between the shrimp and chicken), and yaki onigiri. The dessert table had vine strawberries, cut fruit (heart shapes included), and a bunch of cakes with different flavors (mango, blueberry, chocolate, and strawberry).

During the lunch period, we were presented with gifts and kind words from the students, and they even broke into song towards the end. Possibly for my benefit, the song they chose to learn all on their own was Sing a Song from The Carpenters, which is in English. It was pretty awesome. Their gifts to me were a hand-made tissue box cover, some flowers, and a card with a few messages from various students.

I don't have a calorie count today, since we all pretty much ate to bursting. One day won't kill me, right?