Elementary School Lunch: 02/21 - bibimbap returns

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Ah yes, one of my favorite school lunches is back. Bibimbap! This Korean dish lends itself to many variations since it's so easy to change up. For school, we have it with scrambled eggs instead of the fried, some chicken cooked with onions, and boiled veggies (spinach, noodly bits, sesame seeds) to top our rice with. Bonus: the veggies were seasoned in the kitchen.

We also enjoyed some soup this day, which had a little bit of kimchi flavor in it, along with tofu, radish, onion, spinach, carrots, and mushrooms. It went rather well with the bibimbap, and I was sad I didn't have a second stomach to get a refill of both.

Calorie count: 665