Elementary School Lunch: 02/07 - sweet potato soup

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

The highlight of my lunch this day was the miso soup, which had sweet potato in it along with carrots, radish, tofu, onions, konjac, and bits of meat. It was accompanied by some salad and rice, and the other main of the day was some deep-fried fish. As per my usual pass on deep-fried lunch items, I skipped on the fish, but enjoyed the rest.

The salad was a "five color" dish, and had these noodly white bits, cucumber, roast ham, greens, sesame seeds, some sort of minced seafood chunks, and non-creamy italian dressing. It was alright, and it would have gone well with the fried fish.

Mostly, I just wanted more soup, though.

Calorie count: 667