Elementary School Lunch: 02/04 - chicken and no chips

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Alright, so I broke my streak of avoiding fried stuff at work for today's fried chicken, which was absolutely delicious, and came with some soup, salad, and rice. Looking at this meal objectively, it's rather plain, but it was so, so delicious.

The salad was just our usual cabbage, cucumbers, and carrots seasoned in the kitchen with sesame seeds on top. The soup was something different, though. It was called tsumire soup, which is traditionally fish dumplings in miso broth, but they looked more like meatballs. The soup did have some miso in it though, as well as some onions, radish, carrots, burdock, some leafy stuff, and tofu.

Calorie count: 630