Elementary School Lunch: 02/03 - pork beans and chocolate

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

There were lots of great flavors on our tray today, though I'm not sure all of it truly went together.

Our seafood salad had some greens (cabbage and wakame) with some boiled minced fish and squid, and was topped with Italian dressing. The salad had a great flavor on its own, but I ate it on its own before moving on to the rest of the tray.

The pork beans soup was really a tomato-based soup with some white beans and edamame, along with bits of pork of course, potato, carrots, and onion. The soup was paired with cocoa bread, which complimented its flavor rather well. I love our soups - they're always so loaded with veggies. I mean, look at that - the veggies overcame the broth.

Overall, all the different elements of our meal were very tasty, though I don't feel like the salad went with the soup or the bread, really. But that isn't that big of a deal, in the end. I still cleaned my plates, and just left the carton of milk as usual. Best of all though, the presentation of today's meal looks colorful and attractive, which I'm glad shone through in the picture above.

Calorie count: 653