Elementary School Lunch: 02-12 ~ 02/14 - playing catch-up

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[Oh, no! Kristina's behind on everything! So here's a round-up of the rest of the week's lunches in one handy post!]

Feb. 12th: salad pile!

This day's lunch was fish, with salad, soup, and rice. I skipped the fish though, which you can see in the image above of my co-worker's tray, and went for a full-on pile of salad that had everyone's eyes popping instead. The fish was mackerel, which I usually enjoy, but it was deep-fried, hence the pass. The soup was miso, with potato, carrot, konjac, radish, onions, and tofu in the mix. Yum.

The salad was in home-made dressing from the kitchen, and it was just cabbage, other greens, those stringy white bean things, and carrots. The cucumber was sorely missed.

Calorie count: 661

Feb. 13th: best potatoes

Thursday we had a noodle lunch: torinanban udon, which was basically a broth that had fried tofu, onions, chicken, carrots, bamboo, and mushroom, and we had the udon noodles on the side to dunk in as we pleased. On the side, we've got some sweet potatoes, which were cooked with almonds, butter, and had some sugar on them. And then, dessert. Yummy citrus fruit.

Calorie count: 655

Feb 14th: Love is in the sukiyaki

Sukiyaki day! This is probably the best choice for the Valentine lunch, since so many things I love are mixed in. The sukiyaki had some quail eggs, grilled tofu, fried tofu, onion, shirataki noodles, mushrooms, carrots, and bits of bamboo mixed in with beef. It was accompanied by rice, and salad which was dressed in the kitchen with loads of sesame seeds. Awesome end to the week!

Calorie count: 645