Comic Review: HARLEY QUINN #3

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment

This was a Valentine's Day-themed issue, and Harley spent it looking for someone to hang out with. And of course, she found plenty of trouble along the way.

I'm still loving this comic, and it isn't just because the team behind it is fantastic at writing and illustrating her character. I've gushed enough about those things in previous reviews of this series. One of the things I noticed in this issue, and appreciate, is all of Harley's costume changes. It's one of those obvious things that you don't really register until it's put right up in your face. In this case, Harley has a line in which she mentions Superman always wearing the same outfit as she changes into a sexy little dress and stockings to go out and find a hot date.

This book still has tons of laugh-out-loud moments, and bizarre imagery that works superbly well with Harley's character, though they'd be troubling out of context (such as her sitting in a bath while watching a TV set that's just sitting on a board on the tub, which also happens to have a stack of toasters next to it). It's also slightly disconcerting how she longs for "her puddin'" the way any normal girl might sigh and pine for her boyfriend (or ex) who's been gone a while. It also didn't help that one panel in particular had her picking up her dead Beaver with glee and she totally had Joker face.

I think that's just it, though. Harley's a normal girl. She's just bonkers. And really good at killing people.

Besides that, story-wise, there was a lot of the same as last issue: a bunch of goons are after Harley because someone put a hit on her on the internet. She's still mad about it, and in total Harley fashion, she's still taking it all in stride. This issue also ensured me that Poison Ivy is gone, but not forgotten, and makes me hopeful she'll make more appearances.