Friday Things: 01/27 - Mondays of Star Wars, French lit in NYC, and a border collie

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[Oh hey, another Monday Edition. I really need to get on the ball, here.]

On Books and Comics:

If you were an X-Files fan back in the day, you might be interested in an upcoming science-fiction novel series being co-written by Gillian Anderson.

Paper sculptures, book art, that kind of thing, usually rocks. But this one featuring Smaug is just glorious.

"Around 15,000 people turned out in the cold Saturday in Riga, Latvia, to form a two-kilometer-long chain of book lovers. The occasion was the transfer of books from the old National Library to the newly-built National Library across the river." So cool.

March 4th. Photo book. Find Momo. Border collie. Be there.

If creating engaging graphic novels about scientists and different parts of history were to become trendy, I wouldn't be upset one bit. 

I recently had a look at Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird #1, and enjoyed it. Here's a preview of issue #2.

(via BookRiot) Any romantic ideas you might have about where The Little Prince was written are now dashed, because the truth is, it was written in New York.

(via MyBookishWays) Horror fans, check out the ballots for the Bram Stoker Awards.


On Movies:

Looks like we can expect to see Leia, Luke, and Han in future Star Wars films.

I'm not gonna lie... the latest look at Maleficent gave me chills.




Do you want to take pictures of snowflakes? Here's how. 

I joined GoodReads! I'm debating adding a widget to the sidebar, but we'll see how things go in the coming weeks. Apart from my own profile, I also made a page for the Les Literables Book Club. Check them out!

[See you next weekend!]