Friday Things: 01/20 - Monday Edition - bookish crafts, Star Wars, and Robert Downey Jr

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[I didn't forget about Friday Things! I'm just late. This dang cold weather has made me sluggish... I'm over this "winter" thing. ]

On Disney:

New trailer for Maleficent!

As promised, here's behind the scenes with Annie Leibovitz and Jessica Chastain they made the magic happen in the latest Disney Dream portrait.

I came across this dude's channel randomly, and there's a cool video here with his top 10 Disney villain songs. I like it - he thought things through rather well, and his argument for the number one spot is a strong one.



On Star Wars:

A nice collection of photos shared by Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) from the Star Wars set.

The Star Wars expanded universe will soon cease to exist as we know it. It's in the process of being condensed into something that's workable for Disney. It's a good move overall, but geeze, I hope they at least keep Thrawn.



On Books and Comics:

Bookish friends on the look-out for some snazzy iPhone cases that'll show your stripes? Here's a nice little collection.

Need an idea for that little something you've been meaning to do for your bookish honey (or the bookish honey-to-be once you woo them)? Consider making them a bookmark!

Here's a list that'll help you read like David Bowie.

Another list! Here's a fellow Quirk blogger's list of top 10 punches in comics.




Fans of Pacific Rim might be interested in this little "behind the scenes" video with a brief look at the process for the computer-generated visuals.

I'm kind of obsessed with this video of Robert Downey Jr. Singing with Sting.

How much do you know about George HW Bush's presidency? Learn something new today.

[Looking good for this week... I tossed in a couple of extra entries to make up for the lateness. Enjoy!]