Friday Things: 01/11 - the return!

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[Oh hey, I'm back! And now that I'm all settled in and back at work, my weekly link dump returns. Check out a fresh batch of internet for your weekend reading just below]

On Books and Comics:

Wisdom from George R. R. Martin - 10 Fantasy Writing Tips.

There's a new Hulk comic starting up in April. Should I read it?

This is not a particularly good interview, but Ridley Pearson (author: Kingdom Keepers series) has some fantastic responses to the questions he got. It's worth a read.

Star Wars comics are moving back in with their parents, Marvel (owned by Disney). I've got mixed feelings about this, because I was just looking into reading the Dark Horse Star Wars comics written by Brian Wood. But then again, new Star Wars comics could also be good.

Dark Horse is getting its last hurrah though, as they've announced they'll bring the end of the Clone Wars in comic form since the show didn't end properly. Looking forward to that once I'm done watching the animated series!

On Photography:

Check out some great photographs and be inspired to play with your food!

The latest Disney Dream portrait by Annie Leibovitz is Jessica Chastain as Merida from Brave! Beautiful photograph, and the "behind the scenes" look was supposed to be published already, but it's delayed, so I'll link it here next week.

As much as I love the Follow Me project, wherein Murad Osmann takes photos from his perspective of being led around the world by his girlfriend, I'm not so sure about this batch of photos. The HDR is punched up a little too much.


The safest airline in the world is... drumroll... Quantas! See the rest of the airlines at the top of the list.

I want all of these Disney villain-themed perfume bottles, even if there's no fragrance inside...!

[And, that looks good. A nice, sexy, well-rounded batch of 10 links. Have a beautiful weekend - it's great to be back home!]