Elementary School Lunch: Week of 12/16 - Christmas!

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Hiya! This is the last catch-up post for December's school lunches. Since it's the week leading up to our winter break (and Christmas), there are some fun surprises at the end. We really ended 2013 with a bang as far as food was concerned, if I do say so myself.

Read on for the final lunches of last year!

Monday, Dec. 16th

This day's lunch saw the return of matcha age-pan (fried bread with green tea powder on top), which is always, always a welcome element on the food trays. Just, yum. We had it with meatball and veggie soup (tomato-based, of course), and a coleslaw salad. A solid meal overall, and I was kind of skeptical of mixing green tea flavor on the bread with the tomato in the soup, but it wouldn't matter anyway - I usually leave the fried bread for last, like a dessert. My kids always look dismayed at not having thought of that first whenever they see me do that, too. Bahaha.

Calorie count: 621

Tuesday, Dec. 17th

Today's main event was sanma (Pacific Saury), which was all marinaded in some orange. It was accompanied by lotus root as the main point of the salad, which was absolutely delicious (I love roots, including lotus and burdock), and a sesame miso soup. Everything went superbly well together, and I don't know that the rice was even necessary. I had extra salad that day instead of rice, if memory serves.

Calorie count: 665

Wednesday, Dec. 18th


We've had this once before, and I loved it then, and I loved it again this time around. As with the last time, we just had some plain salad on the side, because really, the main event can't be topped. We also had some bonus strawberries for dessert. Overall yum, and I would enjoy again.

Calorie count: 658

Thursday, Dec. 19th

Today was our "Christmas Cake" day. Christmas Cakes are a thing in Japan, and they're typically a plain sponge cake with some frosting and strawberries on top. In our case, we had fruit roll cakes, and each one came in an individual box, and we got to choose between white cake and chocolate cake. I chose white, and it was delicious. I even took a bonus picture.

The main meal was tanmen, one of our ramen plates with loads of sauteed veggies, accompanied by a shrimp shumai (dumpling), and some salad. The noodles came in their own little bag, as usual.

Calorie count: 680

Friday, Dec.  20th

This was my last day at work, and since we kind of did a big end-of-term celebration on this day, and it was the last day of classes for the students, we got a little "present" from Santa Claus in the form of an orange for dessert.

The regularly scheduled lunch was some deep-fried minced pork and yaakon (a sort of root), accompanied by pumpkin miso soup (what?!), salad and rice. I was very skeptical when I saw pumpkin on the menu for our miso soup, but it turned out awesome. This would also be the first time I had a croquette-like thing with a root in it, and I tried a bamboo croquette a couple of weeks later while on vacation and enjoyed that, too. I just hadn't known it was a "thing" until winter came about!

Calorie count: 688

And.. that's it. All done! The next school lunch post (tomorrow) will be the first of the new year, as well as the first of the third and final term of the school year. It's also a short term, since the last day is March 24th (compared with the other terms which are about four months each), and I feel like it's going to go by quickly. I'll be sad to see my 6th years go on to middle school!

Happy New Year, and have a great Year of the Horse!