Elementary School Lunch: Week of 12/09 - good breads

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Since this post is kind of long (five images with descriptions, etc.) I've put them behind a jump in the case that you're viewing from the front page. This post is a catch-up lunch round-up, since I was a bit busy in December and couldn't keep up to regular speed. I'm starting up school again tomorrow, so I wanted things to be chronological. Without further ado, check out the lunches from the week of December 9th!

Monday, Dec. 9th

Cocoa bread, "pork beans," and salad. The pork beans was really just a tomato-based soup with some edamame and white beans in it, and pork, and other veggies like potatoes, carrots, and onions. This meal in general was super, and I ended up getting seconds of the salad, which had a bit of tuna in it. The cocoa bread went surprisingly well with the soup.

Calorie count: 654

Tuesday, Dec. 10th

The main item this day was hokke, which is a type of mackerel. We had it with salad, a steamy veggie bowl, rice, and my tea instead of milk. The salad was pickled, which made it taste great with the fish, and the bowl was called soboro potato. Soboro potatoes just means that it had some chicken flavor to it, and it was prepared all saucy-like to go well over the rice. We had the usual extra veggies mixed in there too, and that made this an A+ meal.

Calorie count: 679

Wednesday, Dec. 11th

So I might have slightly lied about not forgetting any pictures. I didn't take pictures of today's lunch, but lucky me - we'd had that lunch before. It was hand sushi, along with some soup.

You can see an image of pretty much the exact same tray (the only difference might have been in the soup, but even then, it was a similar style) that we enjoyed back in July. Though I skipped the seaweed paper, I enjoyed the rest of this meal, and we even got some plum sauce on the side to spice things up a little.

Calorie count: 679

Thursday, Dec. 12th

Check it out - pumpkin bread! I didn't think we'd be seeing that again, but I was happy for its return. It accompanied a winter veggie cream stew, seafood salad (the chunks of crab made it a seafood salad, along with some wakame), and grape jelly. You might be wondering why we seem to be having a lot of stews and heavier soups this month.. it's because winter is the season for it. I expect that January will be full of heavy soups, too. I'm not complaining.

Calorie count: 642

Friday, Dec. 13th

Ohhh, spooky! Friday the 13th! Or lucky, depending on how you look at it. We had Chuukadon, which is a veggie, bamboo, and meat stir-fry in awesome sauce (as usual with Chinese-style meals), with salad, rice, and gyoza on the side. If you don't call that lucky, I don't know what is. And seriously, I was so stuffed after this meal. Holy cow that was a lot of food.

Calorie count: 671

That's it for that week! I've got one more week to go, and I'll be all caught up. Yay!