Elementary School Lunch: 01/31 - world heritage

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today I was reminded about how Japanese cuisine has been designated a world treasure by one of my co-workers in light of our all-Japanese lunch tray. We had some fish, radish salad, soup, and rice. It doesn't get much more Japanese than this.

The fish was saba, a sort of mackerel, and it was seasoned with sesame seeds. The salad was mostly radish with a little bit of carrots, tofu, and meat mixed in, and it was cooked with sugar and soy sauce (typical Japanese flavor). The soup was one of our miso soups, and it had potato, onions, tofu, burdock root, carrots, and konjac in it. All in all a good end-of-the-month lunch.

Calorie count: 680