Elementary School Lunch: 01/30 - crispy shumai

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Noodle day!

Today's main dish was canton noodles. The broth had shrimp, squid, chicken, carrots, onions, and kikurage, a sort of purple fungus with too many odd names (starting with ear fungus, which sounds amazingly gross) when I look it up on the internet. The salad had cabbage, seaweed, and carrots in Japanese-style dressing, and the shumai weren't steamed as we usually have them, but nice and crispy. I'm actually not sure what was in those, but it looked and tasted suspiciously like minced chicken while our menu said it was lotus root. Perhaps it was lotus root with meat flavor. Either way, it was glorious, and of course, there were no seconds to be had.

All of this was accompanied by the bagged noodles which we were free to dunk into our bowls as we pleased, and the milk I don't drink.

Tomorrow's the last day of this month. Time really flies...

Calorie count: 644