Elementary School Lunch: 01/28 - natto and potatoes

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

The natto returns! And once again, I'm finding that I'm getting used to it the more I eat the stuff. Today, I practically enjoyed it. I could have gone for a second cup, even. I'm still tremendously turned off by how slimy and sticky it is, though. But hey, at least I had some sauce and mustard to give it a kick.

Besides the beans, we had some basic salad in our home-made seasoning with sesame seeds on top, and a bowl of steaming veggies featuring sweet potato, onions, carrots, chicken, green peppers, and bamboo. It was fantastic, and I could have gone for seconds, but there weren't any leftovers at all. Bah.

Calorie count: 666