Elementary School Lunch: 01/27 - tomato stew

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Oh, goody! I love stew days. And tomato stew is a new one for our lunches this school year, I do believe. On the side, we've got some deep-fried fish, salad in italian dressing (non-creamy), and some bread with iron-fortified chocolate sauce to squeeze onto it. A veritable feast.

The soup had sausage, carrots, some greens, onions, and potato in it. It wasn't over-seasoned or spicy or anything besides delicious, and I had to actually stop myself from refilling my bowl twice. In the end, I only went back for seconds, and I was filled to bursting...

I skipped on the fish since it was deep-fried, plus I'd rather have more of the soup, and of course, the bread and chocolate sauce is always a welcome side dish. If I ran out of chocolate sauce, I could always use the bread to wipe my bowl clean. Win-win!

Calorie count: 648