Elementary School Lunch: 01/23 - milky seaweed

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

We enjoyed a few different flavors at lunch time today that didn't necessarily go together, but tasted good nonetheless.

The main dishes were some omelet with meat filling, salad, and a soup. The soup had something that's totally new for me, which was some seaweed cooked with milk or something to make it into this bulbous-looking squishy.... thing. It was a thing. It tasted like milk, and I'm glad I only got a small piece in my lunch. The rest of the soup was carrot, onion, and mushrooms in a light broth. The salad was green - cabbage and asparagus with cucumbers - in creamy sesame dressing.

Instead of rice today, our meal's carb was apple bread, which I ended up saving for last. That is, before I went for seconds on the salad, but pretty much last.

As with the other time, the bread had actual chunks of apple in it which is awesome.

Like I said, overall good, but I'm not sure the flavors went together. The salad and omelet were great, especially since the filling on the omelet was tomato and beef. The soup would have been a fine pairing with that plate, if not for the milky chunks of seaweed dropped in. That might just be my personal taste, but yeah. Anyway - would do again. I'll just fish out the blobs and give 'em to someone who wants extra the next time.

Calorie count: 614