Elementary School Lunch: 01/22 - chocolate syrup

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

 My lunch picture is missing something today because I photographed my own tray instead of someone else's. The title mentions chocolate syrup, which was an element of today's meal, but it was included for everyone to squeeze into their milk cartons and thus drink it as chocolate milk. Since I don't drink milk, the syrup escaped my notice until it was too late for me to snap a new picture.

The rest of the meal featured some fish (called buri), salad, soup, and rice. The soup was of the miso variety, and it featured something new for our trays: a type of cabbage called chingensai. Besides that, the soup had tofu, onion, potato, mushrooms, carrot, and bamboo. The salad was plain cabbage and carrots seasoned in the kitchen, and I ate two platefuls of it.

Calorie count: 655

p.s. Since it's been a while, I should remind my regulars that the calorie counts I list here don't represent my personal intake, but the total based on all the elements of the lunch, including the milk, if you consume one full serving. I list the calories because it's information that's available to me, and these lunches are balanced meals designed for our growing students. I find the information interesting, and I hope there are some of you who do, too.