Elementary School Lunch: 01/15 - kimchi and tofu

Food, JapanKristina Pino2 Comments

Our lunch team didn't stop at a plain tofu bowl for today's meal. They took it a step further and cooked it with kimchi, which has a bit of natural spice even when it's mild. Of course, it only really had a little bit of a kick to it because of the kids, but it was still super. Inside the bowl, we also had bamboo, carrot, onion, and bits of meat.

The spicy bowl was accompanied by some salad (it had cucumber, lettuce, noodly bits, and small chunks of roast ham - a "spring rain" salad we've enjoyed in the past), rice, and a packet of seaweed paper. I don't particularly care for that last item, though my students ate it like potato chips.

Good stuff! I hope we get some again.

Calorie count: 681