Elementary School Lunch: 01/08 - Happy New Year

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

It's the first school lunch of Year of the Horse, so our tray was all decked out for it.

Our main item was some fish, accompanied by salad, soup, rice, and dessert. The fish was salmon, and the salad was a crunchy radish and carrots, which is typical of New Year, and featured a kind of root I don't believe I've eaten before. The soup was red bean with mochi (another New Year hat tip), with other veggies and naruto that had the character for celebration on them (see image below).

Finally, our dessert was a "lucky" cup, with two layers. The top layer was a smooth white mousse, and the bottom was daidai, a sort of bitter orange that didn't taste bitter at all in our little cups. Daidai are also used as New Year decorations during the holiday.

The whole thing was a great welcome back.

Calorie count: 674