Comic Thoughts: HAWKEYE issue #14

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Ok, so issue #13 focused on Clint and it looks like the comic is going to be alternating between what he's doing (featuring David Aja on art) and what Kate's doing (featuring Annie Wu on art). This issue is all about Kate, and in related news, today I learned when is the perfect time to read the Hawkeye Annual. (spoiler: it's at the same time you read this issue.)

The big thing we learn in this issue is that though Masque seems to have left Kate's mind, she hasn't forgotten about what happened in the Annual. She seems to be the big bad wolf in Kate's current timeline, and I'm looking forward to seeing the next confrontation.

Kate herself is dabbling in detective work, which is kind of cool, though I wish she wouldn't keep dropping names when her whole point in leaving to LA was to forget about Clint for a while. That and, she doesn't seem concerned about the random detective dude (a.k.a. Cat Food Man) who keeps meeting her at the pet food shelf giving her advice and handing her file folders and note cards.

There are things I didn't like about this issue, and that mostly has to do with Kate's personality and that I see an impending train wreck. That isn't to say the story is bad or that I don't like the writing - on the contrary, these are my feelings on the character, which were elicited by the writing. It's always a good thing to be affected by these things. Kate isn't unlikeable, she's just being really naive and impulsive, and that frustrates me because I think she can do better. Growing pains, I guess?

There are also things I loved about this issue. Wu's art style works really well with Kate's storyline, and I think it gels well with Fraction's writing and the color themes (done up by Matt Hollingsworth, as usual) that have become consistent with the series. I also liked little references tossed into the captions and speech balloons, like calling Kate purple girl, or when Kate thinks, "This looks bad." Little things like that always draw me in.

Looking forward to issue #15!