Comic Review: HAWKEYE Issue #16

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment

Oh hey, we skipped #15! That's because the team had some stuff and stuff happened then stuff, so 16 has been released out of order. But it's totally alright, because we were doing some alternating thingies, and #14 was about Kate, so this issue is a continuation of her current storyline.

Kate's still in LA, and she's still talking to that random detective dude at the pet food aisle, and she's still BFFs with her awesome neighbor dudes. I like the friendly relationship that seems to have developed between them and her, and it looks like they're looking out for her, almost like they're her dads or something. Except not bossy, or mean - just full of wisdom but usually worried.

What I don't like about this issue is that Kate was dumb again and got whooped. What I liked about the issue is that the overall fun vibe of the story (except for that one incident we just won't mention by name any more) is fun, and the team didn't really waste time with anything complicated or dramatic - Kate got her butt beat, she confronted the person she needed to confront, and then the next page we see her recovered and annoyed with the situation. And of course, providence - things appear to have a happy ending. Until... dun dun dunnnn.

I loved the ending to this issue, and it kind of washed away the irritation that I'd been building up about Kate. She's naive and impulsive, but she's slowly learning, and she's got trouble ahead of her. Also, I never really registered her age until this issue, when she says she's a teenager. Wow, she's that young? It's no dang wonder... and yes, it makes a world of difference.

I still don't think she's gotten to the worst of what's coming to her (I mean, Masque still hasn't had her fun), but I feel like she's getting some perspective now. So, though I was kind of iffy going into this issue, I'm now back to eagerly awaiting the next one. More than anything, I really want her to reunite with Clint. But for now, I'm happy with this. Also, I'm warming up to Annie Wu's art more and more with each passing issue. It's too bad she's only going to be a guest for (I think?) one more.