Comic Review: HARLEY QUINN Issue #2

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment

It doesn't feel like an entire month has gone by since I read Harley Quinn #1, but here we are.

The first issue focused on setting the scene for Harley and the new life she wants to make for herself. The pacing was pretty steady, or as steady as anything can be with Harley in the center of it, and there wasn't too much action tossed in. This second issue is more diverse, showing us a bit more of Harley's surroundings now that she's been at the new place for a week.

Random thugs are still coming after her, so that's the big thing she's dealing with. But in her carefree manner, she is also going about her other business and taking everything in stride. As with the first issue, there was another scene here in which she makes a sad puppy face because of something related to animal abuse, and decides to do something about it and adopt another furry friend (or 50 - just look at the cover for this issue). In this endeavor, she calls upon her gal pal Poison Ivy.

I loved this about this issue - the pal-ing around with Ivy and seeing them all cute and relaxed together instead of the usual: viewing things from the perspective of the "good guys" who only see these characters in moments of high tension. At least, that's "the usual" for me. Getting Harley as not a villain or a hero, but just her - a messed up character and what's she's up to - is what makes this book special in terms of its story. Obviously, this is aided by the amazing team that is behind the series, but in any case, the premise holds up on its own with that intrigue. (Is this a sign that I should maybe, probably read something featuring Deadpool?)

More than anything, this book is true to the character. Harley can be at once a manic, crazy gal, and before you know it you're falling to pieces over how darn cute she is. The writing by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti continues to have that awesome cartoon quality to it - perfectly scripted as if we were watching her on TV with the perfect sort of pacing and artwork (Chad Hardin and Stephanie Roux on the art, Alex Sinclair on colors) to make it look animated.

Anyway, I hope there's more of Ivy in future issues. I loved her interactions with Harley - they're just adorable together.