Comic Review: BLACK WIDOW Issue #2

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment

So how about I'm still loving the artwork by Phil Noto in Black Widow. This comic has swiftly made its way to the top of my comic art ranking (of current, ongoing books I'm reading). I just love the way the details are barely there, more defined by the soft coloring than forcing the eyes with lines.

As I mentioned in my review of the first issue, the hard lines are used sparingly to emphasize something like an expression (particularly Natasha's eyes). I love that the lines on people's faces aren't black, they're skin-toned. I love that sometimes, the more dramatic and fast-paced the scene is, the less detailed the work is so as to keep your eyes moving along panel to panel. I love that her red hair is usually the only bit of red in the panel. Love, love, love.

This book continues with the same momentum of the first issue - Natasha is on another job, and she's mostly being retrospective. In this case, we're learning a bit more about her in the sense that she's made enemies who are out for revenge after recovering from ages-past slights. It's obvious that someone in her line of work is going to run into something like this, and it's a total clichรฉ, but what makes it is the way it's all presented. This book pointed out that everyone makes mistakes, including Natasha. It's pretty much 90% inner dialogue and memories.

Issue #2 also pointed out that her lawyer is kind of a badass on the side. It's one of those things that, though I kind of assumed he had to be a tough guy to handle her accounts and clientele, I didn't see him as anything but a middle-man in terms of Natasha's work and a confidante in terms of her finances. It's cool to see that he's got a more active and deeply invested role as her representative, and props to the team for emphasizing that.

I already had a good impression of this book after reading the first issue, and I like it even more now after reading this one. I'm sure I'll keep loving it for many issues to come, so you can count on my recommendation.