Elementary School Lunch: 12/05 - personalized placemat

Food, JapanKristina Pino1 Comment

Today I had lunch with some of my second graders, and when I arrived at their classroom, they had a place set up for me with a place may they prepared themselves (they being the particular lunch group I sat with). It had my name, a flower, some Pokéballs (and Pokémon), and even a pencil case drawn on it. Kids never cease to surprise me in all the best ways.

Lunch was udon, accompanied by salad, fish, and an orange for dessert. The soup itself had some bits of tofu, mushroom, carrot, onion, and radish. The fish was deep-fried with the breading mixed in sesame seeds, but since I'm avoiding fried foods I passed on it. I had a double helping of salad instead, which was just house-seasoned. And of course, the orange was divine.

Calorie count: 621