Elementary School Lunch: 12/02 - hamburg and potatoes

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

It's a new month! And it's nice to be all caught up.

Today's main dish was some hamburg steak with some tasty tomato/ketchup/something sauce on top, accompanied by some boiled potatoes, milk bread, and vegetable soup.

Because of the huge pile of potatoes on my plate, I actually didn't much see the point in having the milk bread. I ended up using it as a makeshift bun for my hamburg, but I still had leftover, and the soup's broth was thin and flavor-less, so I couldn't exactly dip it in that for more of a kick. To be fair though, I don't usually have so many potatoes on my plate. This picture was taken before I moved to one of the classrooms to eat with students, and before their teacher decided to "accidentally" plop down another helping of them on my plate.

The potatoes were just seasoned with parsley, and the veggie soup was pretty plain, too. It just had some cabbage, corn, onion, and carrot. As far as lunches go, this one was rather bland, but solid either way. Tomorrow we've got curry day though, so sit tight.

Calorie count: 637