Elementary School Lunch: 11/29 - soboro gohan, chicken edition

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Friday's lunch was a tasty end to a good week. Soboro gohan has appeared on this blog once before, but the last time it was tuna. This time around, we had ground chicken with the eggs over rice, and it was accompanied by some soup and the usual milk I don't drink. The chicken also had some carrots and other things mixed in, including some sesame seed dressing (non-creamy).

The soup this time around was not miso, but a totally new sort of veggie soup that also had sticky rice balls in it. The mochi were just of mushy rice, and they tasted pretty good stewed in the broth like that. Other goodies in that soup include mushroom, carrots, tofu, bread, and onion.

Calorie count: 674