Elementary School Lunch: 11/28 - Cuban day

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I'm playing catch-up here, but for good reason - I forgot my notes/menus/planner at work on Friday so I didn't have access to anything but my pictures for Thursday and Friday's lunches. Anywho, Thursday's lunch was awesome, because I inspired it.

My students co-workers enjoyed a Cuban-style meal, which included a vegetable and black bean soup, yellow rice, fried chicken, and some flan to round things off.

Black beans aren't as cheap and common in Japan as they are in other places, so we had to improvise and make it a vegetable soup (with bits of bacon, of course). It was still rather tasty, and it went well with the yellow rice, which was very flavorful and had sausage, peppers, shrimp, and other goodies mixed in. There was supposed to be some chicken in it as well (it was supposed to be arroz con pollo) but the kitchen staff totally forgot about it, so the only chicken in the meal was the fried bit on the side.

The flan was not traditional (regular Japanese puddings are closer to the real thing), but still tasty - it was a layer of cheesecake-like flan at the bottom, a thin layer of regular white cake, and then a layer of whipped cream, with shredded coconut and some chocolate on top. No complaints here.

Overall, I'm happy to have shared a bit of my own cuisine with my students, and as it turns out, they quite liked it! From what I hear, they hardly returned any food to the kitchens in comparison with the usual leftovers, and I got to hear some of the older ones explain it all over the PA system.

Best Thanksgiving I could have asked for.

Calorie count: 692 (the missing chicken was factored in here)