Friday Things, Monday Edition: 11/18 - Temple Run as a movie, Pixar's rise to greatness, and going tipless

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[Brrr... it's cold! But I'm good now, because I actually went shopping this weekend and bought myself a fleece jacket, fleece blanket, some gloves, and other sensible items. This weather will not get the best of me!]

On Movies:

Have you seen the movie poster for Disney's upcoming Maleficent yet? And beyond that, have you seen the trailer?

Apparently there's going to be a film based on the Temple Run games. What?



On Books:

Here's a great read by one of my co-writers at Quirk Books blog about how amazing Lemony Snicket is when it comes to teaching you new words. I mean, he's amazing in general, but in this respect, he's a standout.

In case you haven't heard yet, USPS is releasing Harry Potter stamps on Nov. 19th.

I reviewed a newly-translated/released manga titled Sweet Rein, written by Sakura Tsukuba and published by VIZ Media. It's a nice holiday read if you're into the fluffy romantic stuff.

If you're into Pixar and their work, you might be interested in a book they're releasing about how the company got started and their rise to greatness. 



On Identity:

It used to frustrate me when people asked me where I'm from, because what I identify myself as, culturally, is way more complicated than just saying the name of the place I was born. Now, I just tell people where I come from ethnically, because in the end, it's easier than the long explanation. Here's a good article related to this.

Hot Topic pulled a shirt from their stores when a bunch of people called to attention that its message was awful and wrong - and rightly so. Cosplay is all about having fun, not stressing out about getting every detail perfectly right. 




This restaurant owner decided to just have a flat service charge and stop taking tips, and the result is wonderful. I wish more stores did this.

My photo post this week was about my visit to Alcatraz.

If you're a toy/collectibles fan, one of my associate editors on Tomopop started up a link column of his own which will be posted every Thursday. Check out his first linkup, which features cake!

I also uploaded a video this week. This time, I eat a doughnut that looks like Snoopy's head.

[I think that does it for this week. Sometime soon, I'm going to go ahead and publish a holiday gift guide type thing for book nerds. Do you have any suggestions? Let me know so I can link it up! Any sort of shops with literary nick nacks or jewelry or apparel are perfect for this.]