Friday Things: 11/24 Sunday Edition - The art of Plants vs Zombies, shark cage diving, and extreme beading

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[I'm back! Not as late as last week, but yanno, Sundays aren't a bad time for these. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.]

On YouTube:

Nick Pitera is back with another awesome cover video, this time of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Truly, one of life's greatest problems: how do I draw a butt?

For you Whovians, learn how to make awesome Doctor Who-themed cupcakes

Improv Everywhere is currently filming a Harry Potter series, and one of their recent videos is of Harry looking for Platform 9 3/4 in NYC. It's worth a watch. 

On Books:

Yes, more novels need to be turned into graphic novels a-la A Wrinkle in Time.

There is now an Official DC Super Hero Cookbook, and it's a thing you can buy. Right now.

Fans of Plants vs Zombies games, rejoice! An artbook is being published by Dark Horse, featuring concept art and all kinds of other goodies. Knowing the creators, it's sure to be hilarious. It's slated for release in May of 2014.

On Disney:

The next title in the DisneyNature series is all about Bears, and it looks like John C Reilly is going to be the narrator. I'm looking forward to it!

Disney's Castle of Illusion is now available for iOS! I pre-ordered that game for PS3 and still haven't played it -- the shaaaame. I should really hop on that.

If slapping Disney characters all over fruits and veggies is what it takes to get more kids to eat 'em, then so be it. This is awesome.

On Travel:

Andrew Evans, a NatGeo explorer, explains why he doesn't go shark cage diving, and why you shouldn't either.

British Airways set up a billboard that gives you information about planes that are flying overhead. Super cool - I have indeed always wondered where planes are going (or coming from) when I see them go by.


(via Neatorama) Someone beaded an entire kitchen. Beads. Everywhere. Everything. Beads. It took five years.

(via BoingBoing) How to make pixelated cookies. Specifically, of Link from Legend of Zelda.

Shopping around for the holidays? You can now give the gift of Amazon Prime.

[That looks good for this week. Once again - I'll be making a holiday gift guide type thingy, so if you have any suggestions, links to awesome bookish Etsy shops, or requests, let me know!]