Friday Things: 11/10 - Adventure Time, book clubs, and the making of Mjolnir

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[Another week, gone by! And it's been a pretty cold week, too. The temperature is dropping, and with it, my desire to be outdoors. So here's a loaded batch of internet for you to munch on.]

On Clothes and Accessories:

Black Milk Clothing's next big thing? Adventure Time.

I'll probably write up a holiday gift guide type deal soon, but here's an early entry. Lovely bookshelf tie for the bookish man in your life. (via Bookshelf)



On Books and Comics: 

"Who first wrote 'It is a truth universally acknowledged'?"

If you're a book junkie and haven't taken the plunge into comics yet, might I suggest my guide to starter comics for rad bookish folks?

I recently reviewed a beautiful book called Rising from the Ashes by Dr Akiko Mikamo, which is about her father's experience surviving and living after the bomb dropping at Hiroshima. After reading and reviewing the book, I was also given the opportunity to interview her

If you haven't, check out Les Literables' very first online book club meeting in our YouTube podcast! We talked about Gone Girl. Our next meeting is coming up later this month and we'll be discussing Game of Thrones. This month's meeting, we'll also have a special guest. Yay!



I do a lot of my drafting by hand before I go online and write up long-form editorials. Some authors, like Neil Gaiman, still write their first drafts by hand before hitting the computer when writing their books, too. Here's a list of hand-written manuscripts you can check out, featuring Charles Dickens and more.

Mjolnir! Watch a functional replica being made.


On Disney:

I'm always happy to hear about places rolling out gluten-free menus. And especially when it isn't just a small aside on the menu with 3-5 dishes on it. Downtown Disney's Splitsville is offering 16 gluten-free items.

This lovely little lady has an amazing voice and absolutely deserves winning the singing contest with her Under the Sea cover.

Emma Thompson is amazing and she's one of the main reasons I want to see Saving Mr. Banks. I'm interested in the movie as a whole, but yeah. Check out this behind-the-scenes look

It's come and gone, but Mondo's Loki poster bears mention for those who missed buying it. The design looks totally rad.

I have no clue how Miami made one of the top 10 most walkable cities, but there it is!




An interesting read about status symbols and why folks who "shouldn't" be able to afford designer apparel or nice cars go out of their way to attain them.

I vlogged!

[Enjoy! And by-the-by, I've been considering making this link dump into a few broken-up lists throughout the week instead of one big one every weekend. Thoughts?]