Elementary School Lunch: 11/6 - the winter stew

Food, JapanKristina Pino3 Comments

With the exception of the salad on the side, today's lunch was completely new for our menus as well as for me, personally. The main dish was oden, which is a seasonal soup (for the winter) containing minced fish in meatballs, boiled eggs, konjac, radish, and seaweed. It was a simple stew, and it was served to us without much broth, as it tends to be with hot pots (now that it's colder, it's hot pot season!). Instead, we enjoyed it with some seaweed rice, which I took an extra picture of.

Fun thing about the seaweed rice: the nutritionist at my school knows I'm not a fan of this kind of seaweed, and after lunch she actually asked me whether I ate it and if I enjoyed it. Sometimes, it's the little things - those little thoughtful things that people do just for the sake of being nice (or in her case, genuine concern that I'm eating well) that make me love my job, but also Japan in general. I did quite enjoy the rice, even with wakame mixed in - the rice is usually bland and un-seasoned, so the kick of flavor the seaweed gave it was a nice break.

For dessert, we had chestnut mousse. Again, a new one for me, and I tried it and loved it. It had a great flavor that rounded out the lunch perfectly well. So satisfying!

Calorie count: 652