Elementary School Lunch: 11/25 - tuna and meatballs

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I almost, almost missed taking this shot today because of them meddling kids rushing me to lunch today! Thankfully, I was able to distract her long enough, because I'm a Dedicated Blogger (TM).

Today's main dish was a meatball and veggie soup, with tuna salad on the side, and some delicious kinako age-pan. When I looked back through my blog to see previous entries featuring this kind of bread (deep-fried with soy bean powder on top), I couldn't help but notice that with the exception of our soup's base/broth today, this is the same exact tray we had back in April towards the beginning of the school year.

The soup had a light, watery broth and featured carrots and onions with some noodles apart from the meatballs. It was seasoned with parsley. The salad on the side was just cabbage and other green stuff, tossed in home-made seasoning and some tuna. It went well with the soup, and as usual, I had the bread for "dessert."

Calorie count: 619